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National Parks and Wildlife Service

Experience the ultimate caravanning and camping adventures in South Australia’s incredible national parks.

National parks are treasures, home to unique and diverse ecosystems, as well as cultural and historical sites. They are also home to experiences such as stargazing in the Outback, bushwalking, surfing along the coast, whale watching, mountain bike riding and rock climbing – what better way to experience all this than by staying a few days?

With hundreds of campsites to choose from, including the 29 parks that have campsites perfect for caravans, the best part is you can camp at your level. Whether you’re new to spending time in the great outdoors or a seasoned professional, there’s an adventure waiting for you.

Feeling overwhelmed? You can use the ‘Find a Park’ tool on which allows you to search the vast number of parks and refine the results to find the perfect park for you. You will then be able to book online to ensure your campsite is waiting for you when you arrive.