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37 Sir Donald Bradman Dve, Mile End SA 5031

We would like to explain to you who we are and how we hope to be able to relate to your needs. The main clue is in our name – Road Tech Marine. Our plan is to become a truly national supplier of parts and accessories for the growing market of enthusiasts who regularly hit the road and/or water in search of adventure. We have no bias towards boating or caravanning. You will find an even spread of products for boating, caravanning and off-road enthusiasts.

Our Road Tech products will appeal to anyone who travels the country in specially configured, self propelled or towed equipment which enables a degree of comfort to be enjoyed over straight camping. Whether you are looking to trick out your 4WD and camper trailer or you belong to the growing army of those affectionately known as the “Grey Nomads”.

We’d like to help you take more of your comforts from home on the road!

And no, we are not a straightforward camping goods supplier. We do not sell tents, but we sell lots of stuff that could go in a tent. (We do not sell fishing rods, either.) There are plenty of suppliers who do a great job selling stuff like that.

Where we hope to be of service to you is in the technical area of your vehicle’s operations. For example, we are absolute EXPERTS at 12V battery management systems. If you don’t already know, and unless you want to travel around Australia and live in a cave, you need to manage your electrical power needs and that means more than one car battery. And that’s just the start. We can also supply remote TV reception systems, solar panels and controllers, electronic rear and side vision monitoring and lots lots more. We can also supply other parts and accessories, such as wheel bearings and seals, plumbing and lighting. In addition to this we have hundreds of products you have never, ever seen before, specially related to your interests.

On the other side of the coin is the Tech Marine part. When we started putting this concept together it quickly became apparent how similar the boating person is to the road person. Indeed, the common denominator is the Tow Ball! A lot of boating is, in fact, camping on the water. A boating person has similar 12V battery management issues, wheel bearing problems and an open mind to new products. The emphasis once again will be on the “Techie” stuff. We won’t be selling expensive leather boat shoes or exotic wet weather gear, but we do have a great range of boat safety and navigation equipment. We have the best range of marine communication equipment in Australia. Tell us if we’re wrong!

And yes, you will find a great range of stainless steel deck hardware, boat trailer accessories, anchors, ropes, fenders, lighting, lubricants, outboard spares etc., just like a serious ship’s chandler would.

We are very proud of the work the staff have done to get this new concept up and running. It all culminates in this, our first catalogue. Everything we sell is in this catalogue, which next year, we promise you will be bigger and better.

We hope that you find RTM a valuable part of your boating and road adventures, if you do, please tell us.

Best wishes,
The RTM Team.