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Filko Cleaning Products

PO Box 110, Gumeracha SA 5233

Filko is a family owned business which has been involved in the caravan, camping and boating industry since 2007. They have expanded their product range over a number of years to cater specifically to the unique requirements of this industry.  Filko Cleaning Products are the leading provider of caravan and boating consumer cleaning products. Our specially manufactured cleaning implements and accessories are designed to assist you to complete all kinds of cleaning tasks with the minimum of effort. We pride ourselves in offering a tried and tested product that out preforms both in practical application and reliability.

The owners, Phil and Frankie gained extensive business experience while travelling the world in their younger years. They created and managed several successful businesses leading up to this current venture. 

During their travels they observed people facing issues while trying to clean and maintain their vehicles on the road. Phil and Frankie saw an opportunity to help solve these issues. 

During their research they realised how specialised the industry was and how little there was to support RV owners in maintaining their vehicles. This idea became Filko Cleaning Products. 

Phil and Frankie have now been involved in the caravan and camping industry since 2007.  

Since then they have sourced a number of products to expand their range. Each product has been developed to address specific purposes relating to the many varied RV materials and finishes.