These are unprecedented times. COVID-19 brings challenges to family, community and business.
The Caravan and Camping Industries Association of SA (CCIASA) is working through the many Federal and State Government measures and closures. We are receiving many calls from South Australian caravanners and campers and we are doing our best to answer them with the information we have.
We are receiving many questions from the public and we hope the facts below help with your own queries. 

  1. The Prime Minister has advised Australians to cancel all non-essential domestic travel.

    Our interpretation is that commencing a holiday in your caravan or going camping is not essential travel.
  1. WA, SA, NT and QLD borders are closed to non-essential border crossing.

    Travelling with/in your RV to a holiday destination is not an essential border crossing.
  1. Caravan Parks are classified as an ‘essential service’ and remain open.

    The Prime Minister released a media statement providing more information on additional prohibited activities and venues to apply from 11.59pm (local time) 25 March 2020.

This includes statements that:
  • "Residential facilities: hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, caravan pars, and boarding houses will be a decision for each state and territory."Exceptions are "permanent residents and workers".
  • "Outdoor recreation: caravan and camping parks will be a decision for each state and territory" Exceptions are "where people live permanently in caravan parks or arestaying in caravan parks as interim abodes where their primary residence is not available, they may continue to do so." 
Our interpretation is caravan parks in South Australia can remain open predominantly for travellers on route to home states, workers, people with no fixed abode and permanent residents in the park. It is however the decision of the park to remain open.

Caravanners wanting to travel on holiday are covered in Point 1.
For more information about caravan parks please contact the Caravan Parks Association of SA email: .
  1. What about my Easter Holiday?

    Covered in Point 1. By the Prime Minister i.e. cancel all non-essential domestic travel.

    Please contact the caravan park you have booked to discuss your options.

  2. What about going camping in National Parks and free camps?

    The advice is that no one should undertake non-essential travel. You should consider whether it is essential. If you do go, ensure you keep at least 1.5m away from other people.

  3. Self-quarantine when crossing back into SA.

    If you cross the border back into SA, YOU MUST SELF ISOLATE for 14 days. Don’t stop into a supermarket on your way home, don’t visit a friend, go straight home and self-isolate. We can’t stress the importance of this. We all need to do our part.
We hope this addresses your some of the questions you may have.

Please be aware that information and guidelines are changing all the time. We will do our best to keep you informed and up to date via our Facebook page.

When the borders open, when we are ready, we can’t wait to get everyone back out on the road, exploring our beautiful State.  We are remaining active on our social media and will post relevant announcements on here, plus we want to give you some inspiration for your next adventure in South Australia.

Stay safe and vigilant,

Stuart Livingstone
CEO, Caravan and Camping Industries Association of South Australia.