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Experience South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula: 2000km of stunning coastline, clear waters, hidden beaches, and cliffs spanning the Great Australian Bight.


Eyre Peninsula, nestled between deserts and surrounded by the sea, offers a warm embrace to weary overlanders. Renowned blue waters, coastal cliffs, and hidden beaches create a stunning backdrop for serenity.

The night sky filled with stars, bush hikes leading to waterfalls, natural granite amphitheaters, and a vast meteorite crater lake all provide awe-inspiring experiences.

Indulge in world-class seafood, making it the perfect way to savour, sip and reflect on your adventures.

Take the Seafood Frontier Road Trip itinerary to experience a smorgasbord of nature’s generosity.

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Well-maintained roads, rocky routes and beach driving opportunities deliver ample adventure for the self-drive Eyre Peninsula explorer. 

There’s plenty of room for the motorhome, camper trailer or caravan, too, with more than 20 caravan parks, plus beach-fronted camping grounds offering a tailored, memorable stay. 

Staying at a national park offers fantastic camping, fishing, bushwalking and 4WD adventures. 


Wherever you explore, adventure awaits. Chase the endless horizons of the Nullarbor Plains. Traverse dramatic dunes or frolic alongside playful bottlenose dolphins in crystal blue waters.

Marvel at a dry salt lake beyond the magnificent Gawler Ranges or head east to dive among cuttlefish and seahorses in the gentle bays of the Spencer Gulf.

Unhitch your 4WD and tackle the sandy tracks within national parks or conquer the ever-shifting dunes.

Venturing into the ancient Gawler Ranges in first gear provides a striking contrast, where you’ll discover the ancient Organ Pipes and spectacular falls accessible only by 4WD.

Journey to the deep inland saltwater lakes and feel the salt crunch beneath your feet as the pink tides recede.


With its diverse landscapes and abundant natural wonders, the Eyre Peninsula offers something for every outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or wildlife encounters, this region undoubtedly has it all.

Surfing: The pristine Eyre Peninsula coastline offers Australia’s finest surf breaks. Catch waves at Fowlers Bay, Cactus Beach, Venus Bay and Blackfellows Beach near Elliston.

Fishing: Eyre Peninsula is famous for diverse fishing. Try beach, rock, or deep-sea fishing for species like tuna, snapper, and King George whiting.

Wildlife Encounters: Experience native wildlife up close. Cage dive with great white sharks in Port Lincoln, swim with sea lions in Baird Bay, or watch dolphins play in Coffin Bay’s clear waters.

Four-Wheel Driving: Discover rugged landscapes via thrilling 4×4 adventures on tracks.

Bushwalking: Explore the area’s natural beauty by hiking through diverse landscapes like the ancient granite boulders of Murphy’s Haystacks or coastal trails in Lincoln National Park.

Whale Watching: Catch the annual southern right whale migration, May to October, at prime spots like Head of Bight and Fowlers Bay.

Bird Watching: With over 260 bird species, the Eyre Peninsula offers exceptional birdwatching, especially in Gawler Ranges National Park.

Sand-boarding: Have an adrenaline rush by sand-boarding down sand dunes at locations like Lincoln National Park and Coffin Bay National Park.

Snorkelling and Diving: Dive into crystal-clear waters in spots like Tumby Bay and Fitzgerald Bay to explore marine life.

Kiteboarding and Windsurfing: With its windy conditions, the peninsula is an ideal destination for kiteboarding and windsurfing, especially at Venus Bay.

Stargazing: Embrace the Eyre Peninsula’s minimal light pollution by setting up camp for a night of stargazing and astrophotography.


Generations of farming families on the Eyre Peninsula have cultivated Australia’s ‘seafood frontier’. This spectacular 2000km coastline harbours some of the world’s richest, cleanest waters.

You’ll find a delectable selection within local restaurants throughout the entire region. Fresh abalone, tuna, whiting, cray and oysters headline star dishes.

Feeling thirsty? Pair your plate with a sharp local drop, cultivated in the cool sea-breeze. 

Catch your own meal and season your ocean catch over coals at your remote sandy camp. Or find it on the end of line on a quiet pier. For shellfish – you can’t beat local oysters. 


Immerse yourself in the region’s nature on a walking trail – there’s something for all experience levels.

Oyster Walk, Coffin Bay 
An easy wander along sections of the Oyster Walk that follow the foreshore through Coffin Bay. At the eastern end there is a loop to a lookout in Kellidie Conservation Park, and an out-and-back trail to Old Oyster Town.

Yeldulknie Conservation Park Hiking Trail 
Moderate bush walks with 4.4 to 7km options, walk out to a seasonal waterfall through Mallee woodlands.

Stamford Hill Hike, Lincoln National Park 
2.3km hard hike to the top with magnificent views of Boston Bay and surrounds. Read the interpretive signs about the challenges Matthew Flinders encountered to find water.

Visit Walking SA for more walking trails in the Eyre Peninsula.


Your diverse range of coastal experiences for your next road trip, from water activities and fishing to peaceful walks and breathtaking viewpoints.

  • Venus Bay’s sheltered bay offers clear blue waters, making it perfect for swimming and fishing.
  • Almonta Beach known for its long stretches of sandy coastline, ideal for leisurely walks and beach-combing.
  • Sleaford Bay a haven for surfers with impressive waves and breathtaking coastal views.
  • Fishery Bay famous for its rugged beauty and excellent fishing opportunities.
  • Coffin Bay’s pristine waters, try your hand at fishing, and savour fresh seafood.
  • Shelly Beach, family-friendly with calm waters, great for swimming and picnicking.
  • Port Lincoln Foreshore is conveniently located near the town, it’s a great place for relaxation with nearby cafes and restaurants.
  • Locks Well Beach is home to massive sand dunes, perfect for sand-boarding enthusiasts.
  • Farm Beach, a secluded and serene destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway day.
  • Tumby Bay’s picturesque beach near the charming town of Tumby Bay, offering various water sports and a relaxed vibe.