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RV Electronics

RV Electronics was established over 25 years ago with the market first Breakaway system with battery condition monitoring, which had the ability to be self-powering thanks to a radical design of a large internal battery. You could also monitor the condition of the battery by simply pressing a test button on the front of the unit -another industry first.

RV Electronics then turned its attention to another common problem when out on holiday. How much water am I carrying? To solve this, we had to come up with a simple, cost-effective solution and after some trial and error, the RV Electronics water level gauge was released.

The design incorporated a robust sender probe and a simple battery powered LED display to show levels and was immediately a huge hit.

The sender probe design is virtually unchanged for 20 years as there has been no need for improvement while the display has been updated from time to time to still be modern in its looks. In fact, our latest display can even be interchanged with our original first-generation sender with no modifications!

Rubber Ducky Doctor

Inflatable boat sales & repairs in Adelaide with family-owned and operated values

Rubber Ducky Doctor started as a mere vision, growing from a humble boat repair and parts provider, to a business offering a range of inflatable boats and accessories. 

Micheal Hawkings started working on inflatable boats when he was 16 and living in Queensland, acquiring not only industry experience, but a deep love for the industry. As his experience progressed, so did his skillset. Since then, Micheal has worked across all areas of inflatable boat sales, repairs, and services.

Rubber Ducky Doctor was a lifelong dream of owner’s Micheal & Grace Hawkings, brought to life with the establishment of the inflatable boat repair company in 2017.

​Micheal & Grace had a shared vision of providing high-quality and reliable boating services for locals of the Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast areas for inflatable boat repair needs. This has since grown a modest dream into a reputable business, valued by inflatable boating enthusiasts throughout the area.

​Micheal and Grace have now moved to South Australia and are doing the same for Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

While Rubber Ducky Doctor originated with Micheal, his wife Grace, and their three kids, growing demand in the inflatable boat industry has meant a rapidly expanding team.

Several new training staff have joined the Rubber Ducky Doctor team, assisting with day-to-day tasks and delivering the same highest quality service to Adelaide boating enthusiasts.​

Visit the team at Rubber Ducky Doctor at Edwardstown or get in touch today.

Adventure Life Caravan Boating and Outdoor

What’s your idea of Adventure?
Come see us for your outdoor needs, if we don’t have it we will find!

Austrack Campers

Who We Are

G’day! At Austrack Campers, we’re not just another name in the camping community – we’re at the core of Aussie epic escapes. For over 15 years, we’ve been at the heart of countless family trips, mates’ getaways, and solo adventures. From the tropical shores of Cable Beach to the rugged terrains of the Kimberley, we’ve been there.

It’s not just about creating rugged and reliable camper trailers or hybrid campers; it’s about setting the stage for lifelong memories. With every camper, we bring a mix of exceptional quality, modern luxury, and that good ol’ Australian spirit of adventure.

Our Vision and Mission

Our journey has always been about breaking new ground in the camping community. We’re here to ensure that every Aussie and visitor can explore the vast beauty of our country, with durable and dependable campers that doesn’t let them down. From the scenic routes of the Great Ocean Road to the cultural beats of Adelaide, we’re dedicated to making every trip unforgettable. 

Our Mission is to provide Australians with quality, affordable and dependable leisure products that will enhance their camping adventures for generations to come.

Our vision to be the most reputable leisure-focused company serving the travel and tourism industry with products built on the pillars of innovation, passion, trust, and the Australian spirit.

Our Core Values

Why Choose Austrack Campers?

  1. Unmatched Quality: From the coastal roads to the outback, our campers are built to last.
  2. Family First: When you buy from us, you’re joining a community that’s all about the love of the open road.
  3. Epic Road Trips: Discover hidden gems, from the vastness of the Nullarbor Plain to the tropical allure of Far North Queensland.
  4. Sharing the Know-How: Our workshops and resources ensure you’re always ready for the next great escape.
  5. Ever-evolving: We listen, learn, and adapt, ensuring our campers are always ahead of the curve.

Get camping with Austrack Campers, and let’s make every journey an epic tale of adventure.

Ready to explore the wonders Down Under? We’ve got your back!

Adaptive Manufacturing

Making great utes even better! We are an adaptive engineering solution dedicated to providing you with up to date, seamless design integrations.

Wholly owned and operated in Australia and with over 44 years in the automotive and engineering industry, our purpose is to deliver an Engineered for You solution and seamless design integration. We’re also a proud Integrated Partner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Safety RV

At SafetyRV, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that prioritize safety and enhance the RVing experience. Our mission is to equip RV owners with the tools and knowledge they need to travel confidently and enjoy their adventures to the fullest.

We understand the unique challenges and joys that come with the RV lifestyle, which is why we strive to deliver high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly products tailored specifically for RVs and campers. From advanced camera systems to smart safety devices, our products are designed to enhance visibility, improve manoeuvrability, and promote overall safety on the road.

Our team is passionate about RVing and shares a deep commitment to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of every RV enthusiast. We constantly innovate and refine our products to meet the evolving needs of the RV community, drawing inspiration from real-world experiences and customer feedback.

Beyond providing top-notch products, we foster a community-driven approach. We believe in connecting with our customers, understanding their unique requirements, and offering personalized support and guidance. Through our blog, social media channels, and collaborative partnerships, we aim to create a vibrant network where RV enthusiasts can exchange ideas, share experiences, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in RV safety.

​Your safety and satisfaction are at the core of everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in both our products and customer service, ensuring that you have peace of mind while embarking on your RV adventures.

Join us on this journey towards safer and more enjoyable RV travels. Explore our range of innovative products, connect with our community, and let SafetyRV be your trusted partner on the road to a secure and memorable RVing experience.

Roam Offroad

Roam Off Road are a mechanical repair and off road specialist .We are located in Gawler South, SA. Specialising in all makes and models of 4wds. From Service and repairs We are your one stop 4wd & offroad shop. Planning to go off road? Contact Roam Off Road.

Tonkin Consulting

Tonkin provides expert advice and specialist services for vehicle design, modification assessment, testing and certification that is recognised by state and federal transport departments.

Our team of skilled mechanical engineers can solve automotive problems and supply design advice on new, sustainable technology for vehicles including trucks, trailers, motorcycles and high-performance assets.

Our Capabilities

Fit My 4WD

Online, in store or anywhere in Australia Fitmy4wd has you covered for all your 4×4 needs. Shop, Buy and Build your dream 4WD.

Exclusive Tyres

Exclusive Tyre Distributors (ETD) has been building leading brands through importation and wholesale distribution since 1989.

With over 1,800 retail customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, ETD is part of a vibrant sector of the tyre industry that celebrates independence, entrepreneurship and the opportunity to build businesses. ETD and its customers employ over 8,500 people throughout Australia, supporting thousands of families and meeting the tyre replacement needs of hundreds of thousands of drivers every year.

ETD is honored to have hundreds of retail customer relationships, many of which span three decades.

ETD and our customers have elevated the Cooper and legendary Mickey Thompson brands to be leading 4WD tyres, renowned for their long life, safety, suitability for purpose and superior performance. ETD has also introduced Australia and New Zealand to many other quality brands like Dick Cepek, Mastercraft, Federal and Starfire tyres that meet the varying demands of retailers and consumers.

Like all members of the NTAW Group, ETD offers retail customers and consumers a memorably positive experience – we understand that, today, purchase journeys are different and that consumers have more access to information than ever before. ETD strives to facilitate higher levels of consumer engagement in tyre purchases.

ETD also understands that expertise matters and has developed a way to make it easy for consumers to understand the value for money differences between different tyre brands – you can tell whether a tyre uses the latest generation of tyre technology by looking at Tread design, Carcass construction and Compound formulas – TCC.

Finally, ETD understands that in the new economy and more than ever before, it needs to work with its retail partners, providing services that help them talk to consumers at every step in the purchase journey. ETD’s 360 Degrees Partner Program for tyre retailers provides these services and benefits.

ETD announced in October 2017 that it had merged with Cotton Tyre Services in South Australia. Cotton Tyres commenced operations from South Australia in 1994 and has been working with ETD to distribute the Cooper and Mickey Thompson brands in SA and NT ever since.

ETD is a member of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), and has a seat on the 4WD Industry Council.