UHF CHANNEL GUIDE – Caravan & Camping SA




Channels 1 to 8 (and 31 to 38) are for repeaters. (these are sometimes called DUPLEX use) Each repeater needs a pair of channels to work.

When on channel 1 repeater, channel 31 is also used up, 2 uses 32 – and 3 uses 33 – etc. Avoid channels 31 to 38 for general use. If you are within range of a repeater, your voice could exceed 10,000sq km coverage and that repeater, could be made unusable – without your knowledge.

For general travelling use, we suggest the Repeater (REP) or Duplex (DUP) function be programmed permanently ‘ON’ at all times on channels 1 to 8. Please avoid transmitting on all the above channels – unless you choose to access a repeater.

Calling channel 11 (allocated in law) This channel is used to call another user who may be listening on the call channel (such as a friend). After contact you must move to another channel. Most country operators sit on other general use channels. Scanning all channels is more useful to find these other operators.

Channels 22 & 23 are signalling and telemetry channels only. No voice is allowed. (allocated in law)

Channel 40 is used by highway vehicles and trucks. (firmly established by tradition)

Channel 18 is used by caravans and campers. (by courteous agreement)

Channel 10 is for 4WDrivers which is becoming more popular and is recommended officially in national parks. (by courteous agreement)

Channel 5 is for emergency repeaters (allocated in law) (For locations please ask for a repeater list)

For other regions, scanning all channels is a far more effective way of locating other UHF users in an emergency.

General use channels are therefore 9 12 17 19 to 21 24 to 30 and 39.

Please note that major cities often have one channel that attracts rude and inconsiderate people but please do not judge your new UHF radio by these people.

Channels 5 and 35 are reserved for emergency use only. Strict Penalties for misuse apply.

This is information has been kindly supplied by ELECTRIC BUG. If you have any further queries about this information please contact ELECTRIC BUG www.electricbug.com.au.

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