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Weight and loading of your RV

Prior to embarking on your next RV road trip adventure, your towing weight needs to be at the forefront of your mind. To help you understand weight watch this quick Safety Series video

Sensible loading 

Knowing how to sensibly load your trailer is crucial for optimal stability and to avoid caravan sway. Packing light is often a challenge when going away especially with your family.  

Here’s an example of what ‘sensible loading’ looks like. 

Keep in mind  

A heavier load means ensuring your tyres can stand the distance and also checking that your braking system can safely support you. 

According to the Australian Design Rules, all trailers over 750kg GTM (irrespective of the towing capacity or unladen mass of the tow vehicle) must have an effective brake system fitted. To gain further insight review the national towing guide

Ask for help 

Seek support from your RV manufacturer and/or from where you purchased your RV from. When travelling with your RV, keeping you and others safe should be your highest priority.