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Towing Essential Tips for a secure journey  

Your Tow Vehicle  

Prioritise safety by adhering to the towing recommendations set by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Choose a towing vehicle that outweighs the RV it’s towing. Your tow vehicle needs to have enough power to allow for quick and safe overtaking. 

Managing Weight 

Stay well within the maximum load limits suggested by the vehicle manufacturer for secure towing. Remember, this pertains to the loaded weight of your RV. Additional items like water, fuel, food, clothing, and camping gear can easily add around 300 kg to the total weight. Refresh yourself with towing weight terminology.

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Selecting a Hitch  

For larger RVs, it’s often necessary to use a heavy-duty hitch receiver-type towbar. Such units mount onto the vehicle in several positions, ensuring the RV’s weight is evenly distributed, placing less stress on your vehicle. This is particularly crucial for contemporary vehicles that don’t use a chassis. 

Maintaining Weight Distribution  

Maximise safety and control by ensuring both the towing vehicle and RV are level. It’s important to avoid a scenario where the rear of the RV is lower than the front while on the road. If levelling is an issue, consider adjusting your load distribution, placing heavier items over the axle area. Seek advice from a towing specialist if the imbalance persists. 

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Harnessing Wind Deflectors 

Wind deflectors are favoured by caravan enthusiasts to enhance fuel efficiency, stability, and reduce turbulence from passing vehicles. And, for lowering engine operating temperatures. However, finding the optimal deflector dimensions tailored to your specific vehicle and RV is a complex process due to the intricacies of aerodynamics. 

Effective Braking Sytems  

Fitted electric brakes are standard in most RVs. To enable these brakes to function, an electric brake controller must be professionally installed in the towing vehicle. High-performing brake controllers feature motion-sensing technology. Once calibrated correctly, these controllers enable the driver to decelerate the combined vehicle and RV with the same pedal pressure as required for stopping the vehicle alone. 

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Prioritising Tyre Maintenance 

Tyres play a critical role in the safety of your vehicle and RV. Uneven or premature tyre wear is often linked to factors like under-inflation, overloading, RV instability, or mechanical defect like a bent axle. Consult a tyre specialist promptly if any of these issues arise to ensure a secure journey.