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Navigating Wet Conditions with Your RV: Tips and Precautions 

In wet conditions, road challenges can rise. Adapting driving strategies is crucial, and a proactive approach can yield rewards. 

Rain reveals hidden aspects of nature, unseen in dry times. Australia’s dryness has proven to be interrupted by wet weather, from the ‘wet’ season up north to sudden downpours and soaked routes. 

Road Conditions: Your Guide 

Assess road and weather conditions before new journeys, especially in unfamiliar areas. Rain can quickly turn roads hazardous. Engage locals or learn from fellow travellers for insights. 

Tyre Traction and Depth 

Tyre treads aren’t for grip; they repel water, maintaining surface contact. Depth counts -1.5mm minimum tread, often signalled by indicators. Check with a tyre specialist if unsure. 

Precise tyre pressure matters. Car placards suggest load-specific pressures. For your RV, consult experts post-weighing. Tyre deflation due to wet roads isn’t essential. 

Driving in the Wet 

Moderate speed curbs aquaplaning risk. Lit headlights on low beam aid visibility. Avoid abrupt braking or steering. Engine power is better for control on slippery surfaces. Avoid braking while cornering. 

Be cautious around puddles—straddle or skip them. Assess creek crossings—follow markers or other vehicles. Walk to gauge depth if uncertain. 

A vigilant, educated approach makes driving your RV in the wet, safer and more manageable.