Green Reflector Program   – Caravan & Camping SA

Green Reflector Program

The Green Reflector Program goal is to improve road safety by: 

  • Discouraging risky behaviour 
  • Reducing driver anxiety 

The number of green reflectors indicates how far away the stopping place is: 

  • 1 reflector = stopping place  
  • 2 reflectors = 250m away  
  • 3 reflectors = 500m away 

The Green Reflectors on guide posts were started by truck driver, Rod Hannifey, to indicate a safe place for heavy vehicles to pull off the road and allow faster vehicles to pass safely. 

Although not in all states of Australia, the green reflectors have had a welcomed launch by drivers of trucks and caravans and by any road user who may hold up traffic.  

Please remember the reflectors do not indicate a passing lane or long-term rest stop, you are still on the side of the road. There may still be hazards present, such as a drop-off, or long grass.  

Green Reflector areas are selected based on length, visibility, and the firmness of the ground. Look out for green reflectors on your next trip!  

*Information sourced from Road Accident Action Group, Queensland Government, and Truck Friendly Caravan Road Safety Program