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Auto Gas

Finding LPG

When planning your trip you need to know that you wil have access to LPG for the duration of your holiday. To map your trip to include gas stations or to simply locate the station closest to the town you are in, visit the Gas Energy Australia website.

The advantages of installing Autogas equipment

Changing over from petrol or diesel to autogas will bring with it the following advantages:

  • Clean, efficient combustion.
  • Amongst the lowest life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of all commercially available fuels.
  • Insignificant levels of sulphur dioxide the main cause of acid rain.
  • Extremely low particulates produced during combustion.
  • Less damage to soil and water – in cases of spills.
  • It can also help to increase the life of your engine and reduce noise levels (compared with diesel).

Frequently asked questions about Autogas

A. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the generic name for mixtures of hydrocarbons (mainly propane and butane). When these mixtures are lightly compressed (approx. 800 kPa or 120 psi), they change from a gaseous state to a liquid. LPG is colourless, odourless and heavier than air. A chemical is added to give it a smell like cabbage, so that even a very small leak can be easily detected. LPG burns readily in air and has an energy content similar to petrol, which makes it an excellent fuel for heating. cooking and for automotive use.
A. YES. There are two different grades or blends of LPG and they are not interchangeable. Autogas is for automotive use only and will be a mixture of mainly propane and butane. The other blend is propane, which can only be used for decanting into small cylinders for caravans, barbecues and camping.