Sparking your inner “nature tourist” 

Some of you may have already heard about nature tourism, but what is it really all about? Nature Tourism encourages visitors to take interest in the natural environment and appreciate it for all its beauty.  
There’s no question breathing fresh air and seeing lush greenery and sparkling seas is good for physical health and mental wellbeing. It’s fair to say, caravan and campers are innate nature tourists. Our means for travel allows us to position our mobile accommodation right in the heart of nature itself. 
Nature Tourism also encourages visitors to be more conscious about environmental issues. And, with climate change being an ever-present issue, this is seen to be a good thing. Interestingly when people actively visit a destination to appreciate it for its natural wonders, land owners, local communities and government are compelled to preserve and take care of the natural areas. 
So how is nature tourism different to ecotourism? Put simply, there’s a lot of cross over between the two. An ecotourist will visit a place to participate in environmental action like a beach clean-up. Whereas a nature tourist will visit a destination to mindfully see and experience its natural beauty. 
South Australia is home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world, so you don’t have to travel too far to spark your inner nature tourist.  
Outdoor experiences to add to your bucket list… 
Ikara-flinders Ranges National Park, Flinders Ranges and Outback 
Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island 
Lake Macdonnell (Pink Lake), Eyre Peninsula 
Blue Lakes and Little Blue Lake, Limestone Coast 
Umpherston Sinkhole, Limestone Coast 
Kilsby Sinkhole, Limestone Coast 
Kanku – Breakaways Conservation Park, Outback 
Anna Creek Painted Hills, Outback 
Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, Outback 
Heading Cliffs, Riverland 
Greenly beach, Eyre Peninsula 

Nature Tourism and your kids  

One of the most exciting things about caravan and camping with your kids is that they’re already learning to appreciate nature at school. Schools are so focused on learning through nature play and teaching students about the natural environment, sustainability, climate change and so much more.  So, taking your kids to experience outdoor adventures like camping and staying in caravan parks, deepens what they’re already learning. 
Activities to help your kids appreciate nature on your next road trip: 
Nature Scavenger Hunt 
Make a list of natural materials for your kids to find as part of a treasure hunt. 
Guided Nature Walks 
Discover your destination’s walking trails. Encourage the kids to take notice and record the natural scenery they see along the way. 
There is no better way than camping to fully immerse yourself in nature and see, learn and appreciate its beauty.   
Encourage your kids to keep a nature journal where they can record their observations of the environment, draw pictures, and write about their experiences. 
Bird Watching 
Take binoculars and learn together about different bird species. 
Nature Photography 
Photographing your natural surroundings is the perfect way to stop, see and experience nature’s moments. Encourage your kids to share with you what they captured and why they love it. 
Volunteer Work 
Look for opportunities for your kids to get involved in a clean-up to teach your kids about the importance of preserving nature for future generations. 

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