SA’s outdoor experiences

Thinking about what adventure to go on next? Consider our top 5 outdoor experiences in SA for this month.  

Hiking in the Flinders Ranges 
Flinders Ranges offers spectacular scenery of South Australia from breath-taking hiking trails spots. A great way to gain perspective, disconnect from life’s pressures and engage in exercise. 

Sea and animals in Kangaroo Island 
Kangaroo Island’s rugged coastline, pristine beaches and endless wildlife encounters with seals, koalas and kangaroos, of course! A must for animal and nature lovers. 

Surfing at Middleton Beach 
Fleurieu Peninsula’s Middleton Beach has a swirling scene for surfing despite your skill level. It’s never to late to take up a new hobby and great for your physical health and mental wellbeing. 

Sandboarding in the Coffin Bay National Park 
Coffin Bay National Park, home to some of Australia’s largest sand dunes, get adventurous with the kids experience sandboarding. 

Serenity on the River Murray  
Despite the flooding, the Riverland and Murray River, Lakes and Coorong is still open for you to experience the stillness on the river. Check out SA Tourism’s Rise Up for our River campaign – actively promoting and supporting river experiences this year.