Fostering Sustainability and Innovation: Brighton Primary Students Redefine Caravan Design in Partnership with Caravan & Camping SA

Brighton Primary School students have started working on STEM projects to design a new sustainable caravan model with minimal impact on the environment. 
The Caravan and Camping Industries Association of SA (Caravan & Camping SA) is excited to have school students undertaking this project for their industry. 
Phil Sinnott, CEO of Caravan & Camping SA said “partnering on projects like this offers our association the opportunity to teach future generations about our industry…” 
“Students may be inspired towards one of the many career paths our industry offers”, he said. 
Upon project completion, Brighton Primary School students will attend a future Caravan & Camping Show to display their design models to the public. 
STEM projects in schools offer students the opportunity to connect with industry, giving kids exposure to real life industry problems to solve.   
If you work in a school or know of schools who would like to participate in a STEM project with the Caravan and Camping Industries Association, feel free to reach out