Why Purchase from an Endorsed Member – Caravan & Camping SA

Why Purchase from an Endorsed Member?

The Caravan and Camping Industries Association of SA (CCIASA) is the leading representative of the caravan and camping industry in South Australia. 

The membership base consisting of retailers, manufacturers, hirers, service providers, repairers, and suppliers to the caravan and camping sector are required to adhere to a code of ethics presented to them by the CCIASA.

Our Code of Ethics ensure that members

  • Comply with all legislations, regulations and codes of practice
  • Act with integrity
  • Strive to uphold the best standards in the industry
  • Fulfil all warranties, guarantees and obligations

By requiring our members to act in accordance with our Code of Ethics consumers can shop with confidence when they see the prominent CCIASA logo proudly displayed at the members premises.