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About Us

Welcome to Caravan & Camping SA. We represent businesses that help you explore the great outdoors on the road. 

Our industry is made up of members who have been fuelling self-drive, outdoor travel adventures since 1960. 

Looking for a new caravan, camper, motorhome, camping gear, 4WD accessories, RV service, towing training course? Our members can help. 

Visiting Caravan & Camping SA members assures you of quality service and products from industry experts. 

Our expert community is passionate about the outdoor lifestyle and ready to assist in your next self-drive adventure. 

Why we love
Caravan & Camping 

Community Connection  

Every journey’s enhanced by the people you meet. Caravan & Camping SA links you to a vibrant community of road trip enthusiasts. 

Nature Immersion  

We promote the wellness benefits of nature immersion. Caravanning and camping help you reconnect with the natural world, offering tranquillity and renewal. 

Freedom to Explore  

In a world where schedules often rule, we embrace the freedom of caravanning and camping. The open road is your canvas, and the destinations are yours to choose. 

Unforgettable Memories  

At Caravan & Camping SA, we value shared experiences. From stargazing to campfire bonding, we’re here to inspire lasting memories. 

Let’s Go explore!   

Ready to kick start your outdoor adventure? Connect with us on socials, sign up for our e-news and come see, learn and experience at our next Caravan & Camping show.