The caravan, camping and leisure industry is so diverse and specified that there are a number of 'hints and tips' that seasoned travellers have discovered that they would like to share with you.

Take a wander through the articles in the categories below and we hope we can help you with your next holiday.

Video Clips

Would you like to see a quick and simple demonstration of how to safely tow your caravan or check out handy gadgets and gizmos for your next self-drive trip? Now you can watch quick 2-4 minute video clips that show you how these things work.


When planning your trip you need to know that you wil have access to LPG for the duration of your holiday.

RV 'S & The Wet Season

Exploring the northern part of our extensive country during the 'wet' season can be a worthwhile experience, however, there can also be drawbacks as rain usually falls daily and roads or tourist spots can be inaccessible.

Before You Buy a Caravan

Need some help to get you started? We hear all the problems people commonly have, so perhaps we can help set you on the right track.

Camping Tips

Camping like most other things in life can be simple and pleasurable or it can be complicated and unpleasant. The secret to a successful camping trip is research and planning.

Fuel Consumption

When travelling through Australia you won't get very far without fuel. Download a fuel consumption chart for you to keep with you and help you plan your next trip.

Pets on Holiday

It's not always easy to find someone who is able to look after your pets when you go away. We have provided a list of caravan parks and camp sites in SA which will allow you to bring your best friend with you, and of course your family.

Pre-Holiday Checklist

Caravanners pre-holiday checklist

SA Caravan Clubs

List of SA-based Caravan Clubs

Towing Reg & Speed


Towing Tips & Hints

To ensure safe journeys it is necessary to have a car and caravan that are compatible, use the best towing equipment and practice some of the skills that are needed to enable you to cope with any situation that might arise.